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Board Member since 2018

A native Houstonian, Joe Morales had always been around the family business. It wasn’t till later in life that his interest into the family funeral home grew. Prior to working as the Morales Funeral home manager, Joe had a successful career in processing and plastics.

Christina Morales, owner and operator of the business, also Joe’s aunt, recognized his potential and tact for talking with people. Christina extended an opportunity for Joe to come and learn the family business. Joe always had an appreciation for what his grandfather and great grandfather Joe and Felix H. Morales established in Houston and the Hispanic community, and wanted to learn more about the funeral business and how he could continue to build on his family’s legacy.

Joe came to work full time in April of 2013. Growing up around the Funeral Home, it allowed him to naturally adapt to the working culture of the funeral service; however the biggest challenge was dealing with grieving families.

Having never worked with people in this capacity he found it to be a welcoming challenge. Losing a loved one can be a delicate situation for a family to endure, and it was this type of circumstance that he embraced with compassion. Easing the grieving process for a family gave Joe a personal and professional fulfillment that solidified his interest in pursuing the funeral service as a profession.

He currently lives at the Morales Funeral Home in the loft on the second floor. Aside from all the preconceived notions about living at a funeral home he finds that it allows him to be more accessible to his clients and being that it is centrally located in the city is an added perk.

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